Create an endpoint for GraphQL API

AutoCloud offers an easy way to query your data across multiple AWS, GCP, and Azure environments at once using a single type-safe GraphQL API endpoint. The API is based off our open source project CloudGraph.

To try it out for the first time, click GraphQL API on the left hand panel.

Click on GENERATE ENDPOINT to get started.

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An endpoint that's exclusive to your account was created.

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Click EXPLORE to start querying your data. A playground is now available with a default query to view AWS CIS Findings. To learn more about the different things you can query head over to the CloudGraph documentation or explore the following docs to get some example querys:

An example query has been set for you in the GraphQL API Playground:

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Opening the playground somewhere else

If you'd like to keep using the playground while you are exploring other parts of the platform, go to https://api.autocloud.dev/graphql and copy your API ENDPOINT in the URL box. Click play to query your Visual Service Discoveries, and access your data.

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Learn more about the AutoCloud API here or check out our API playground to view some examples.