We recommend using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer. For best performance, close any memory-intensive applications and do not open multiple instances of AutoCloud.

Navigating the 3D Environment

AutoCloud's 3D Environment is an interactive diagram of your infrastructure. The diagrams are generated and updated with each crawl, generating a new version. By default, the diagram is zoomed out to show all resources in the environment. You may use mouse or keyboard controls to move around the diagram.

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To inspect an entity on the diagram

  • Shift + left click an entity (clickable entities will turn green on hover)

To move around

  • Hold left click button and drag


  • W Key: Move forward
  • A Key: Move left
  • S Key: Move backward
  • D Key: Move right


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  • Mouse / trackpad scroll


  • Q Key: Zoom in
  • E Key: Zoom out

Camera Type: Switch between 2D and 3D

By default, the camera type is 2D which is fixed and has an isometric perspective (pan + zoom).

3D view has free movement, and you are able to pan, zoom and rotate the camera. If you are using a trackpad, make sure you have secondary click enabled to the bottom right or left corner.

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You may change to the 3D camera by heading over to Preferences, in the top left corner.

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Interaction with the diagram

Hold down the shift button and click on an icon to find it in the services panel. Entities that can be clicked will turn green when you hover while holding the shift button.

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Updated 13 Dec 2021
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