Setting up AutoPipe

Add AutoCloud as the last step of your CI/CD pipeline to get a version of your Visual Service Discovery after each deploy. This configuration works at the account level. You may enable this by heading over to the account that you wish to create a CI/CD Configuration for.

  1. Go to the Service Discoveries page.
  2. Click on "set up Autopipe" in the top left corner.
Document image

3. Select the CI/CD provider. Gitlab, Github and Jenkins are currently supported.

4. Select the emails that will get the Summary Report (optional)

5. Click "Create" to save your configuration.

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6. A Configuration was created. Now it's time to use it in your CI/CD Provider. Copy the source code to your clipboard. Add this snippet of code as the last step of your job list in your pipeline configuration.

Document image

9. Verify that the last build step was created in your CI/CD provider. This is an example of how the pipeline should look like:

Document image

7. That's it! Now whenever you deploy, you will get a Summary Report with a link to the version created for your Visual Service Discovery.

Updated 23 Mar 2022
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